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Our personal visits to Nepal were finally resumed in February 2023. The Didi Project’s Heidi Feldman spent three weeks to visit our partners in the Kathmandu area and explore our new project area in the Tarai. She stayed in the Safe House operated by Our Sansar in Janakpur, and went on several field visits in remote villages.

She inspected the new library sponsored by the Didis in the girls home, and toured the area and new building where the next donated library for the brick factory children will be located. Our future plans include providing more libraries in this underserved region, combined with community education programs using the BECHIYEKI book.

During her visit in the Tarai, Heidi Feldman used three “Quick Grants” to fund three small, but effective projects: a sewing machine for a widowed mother who wants to start a tailoring business; an education grant for a young counselor at Our Sansar; and a set of security cameras for the Safe House.

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Earthquake Relief.

Many of you gave the Didi Project money to help people in Nepali villages after the big 2015 earthquake. With your generous donations we were able to raise more than $10,000 which we distributed to our Nepali friends and partners so that they were able to use the money to provide needed essentials at no administrative cost. Some of the money was used to send trucks filled with roofing materials and strong men and women to make repairs to houses.

SOLD — The Book’s Story Continues

As part of the Didi's commitment to making the greatest use of the important message in the books BECHIYEKI and the SOLD, we are launching a new fundraising campaign to print more books. The cost will be about $1 per copy and these will be distributed by our partners as part of their outreach throughout the country.