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Individual Sponsorships

After the Didis first met the group of village children that inspired us to help them and eventually others, we decided to sponsor two young girls in a school in Kathmandu. Sadly, one of the girls passed away in her teenage years after a brief illness. The other has now grown into a self-confident, educated young woman.

After finishing a demanding high school, she was trained as a chef at a culinary academy where she was honored as an outstanding intern at the Hyatt Hotel in Kathmandu. She worked in a five-star hotel in Oman until COVID forced her to return back to Nepal. This led to the next step in her career, when she was hired at the British NGO Our Sansar as a social worker. In this position, she is now using her knowledge about the Didi Project’s work to manage a Safe House for at-risk girls.

We also helped one of the other children in the original village group, a young boy who suffered from a severe spinal illness. We brought him to Kathmandu to a Jesuit home for boys with special needs, where he lived for several years and was able to graduate from high school. We continue to support him in various ways to master his challenging life. He has been able to return to his family in the mountain village, can be fairly mobile thanks to a new wheel chair, is employed as an accountant, AND posts regularly on Tiktok!


We have also supported her younger brother at a boarding school, where he has graduated with honors. He is now beginning his college education in hotel management. Helping the same family, we have provided seamstress training and a sewing machine to their mother who now wants to learn how to make designer clothing.

By just supporting one family in need of help so they can become self-supporting, we can bring about a cycle of change in the lives of many other Nepalis.