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How to Help

Helping The Didi Project

Poverty is evident everywhere one travels in the small country of Nepal. But so is human courage, spiritual strength, and ancient wisdom. There are many ways to get involved, from volunteering to providing financial assistance. Even with a small donation, results can be gratifying and provide opportunities to girls and their families, helping them rise from poverty to a self-sustaining life.

You can become involved on various levels, from making a small contribution of time or money, to supporting our longer term projects. We can also provide you with information and contacts for other organizations working in Nepal that we have evaluated and believe to be reputable.


Volunteering with The Didi Project

Would you like to help with this important (and fun!) work? We need help with many interesting and rewarding tasks. For example:

  • Writing and photography
  • Webpage and Facebook design and updates
  • Local informational gatherings about The Didi Project
  • Recruitment of new Didis (sisters) and Bhais (brothers)
  • Fundraising
  • Grant applications
  • Graphic design of flyers and other materials
  • Coordination with Didi Project partners
  • Project assistance in Nepal
  • Identification of new project needs

Please contact us for further information about volunteering with us.

Make a Donation

Make a Donation

We welcome donations in any amount to help us continue the important work we do in Nepal.

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Special Sponsorships:

Personalize your donation to the Didi Project by sponsoring a dedicated program fragment!
$30 - Buy BECHIYEKI books for one classroom:
$200 - Host a community training session using the book BECHIYEKI , with refreshments and follow-up.