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About The Didi Project

We are a group of professional women working to provide educational opportunities for women and children in Nepal. We believe that improving education is the best way to ensure a better future for the people of Nepal. We use our personal encounters and experiences to identify persons, and families in need, and causes where we can successfully use our skills and resources. We would like to demonstrate that development projects can make good use of innovation, without unnecessary duplication.

We work with communities, other non-governmental organizations, and government institutions to create new sustainable partnerships for sustainable change. Our hope is that the energy of our cooperative accomplishments will "vibrate on and on to create an endless wave of goodwill, child to child, person to person.


Appreciation: Dr. Tara Upreti

We were saddened by the passing last year of our dear friend, supporter and partner Dr. Tara Upreti. With her untiring enthusiasm and professional expertise, Tara blessed us for many years. We first met Tara at Children's Model School in Baluwatar, Kathmandu. In her nearby home, where she lived with her husband Prakash, Tara hosted us countless times, always cheerful and ready to share her wisdom and special insights as both an American and Nepali citizen. She gave loving support to the girls we sponsored at the school, and to many other young girls and boys who were lucky enough to be in her life. We so appreciated Tara's many contributions to our lives and projects and that she was always ready with an encouraging word or warm hug. We will forever be thankful to have had her friendship and loving support.

Tara Upreti, third from left, hosting the Didis in her beautiful family home in Kathmandu.

Recent Activities

Some of our regular and recent activities for women and children in Nepal.

Sold Book

Sold (Bechiyeki), Campaign

Sold is an Anti-Trafficking Campaign. Each year thousands of Nepali village girls growing into womanhood become vulnerable to international criminal practices of sex slavery.

Community Women Support

Community Education Training

We have designed and implemented some income generation and self-sustainable program for women in rural areas of Nepal. The program is to support and train them.

Individual Sponsorship

Individual Sponsorships

We are continuously providing special support to the children of few individual families in Nepal for their education, medical expenses, and even for occupational training.


An Appeal from Didi Project

Didi Project Update

Since 2012, the Didi Project’s translation of SOLD (Bechiyeki) by Patricia McCormick has been informing Nepali readers in schools & community groups across Nepal. It tells the truth about the dangers traffickers continually pose to the vulnerable teenage village and city girls they seek to enslave in Indian brothels.

SOLD* is now an American feature film, which has been dubbed into Nepali and is now being used as a key part of a program delivered to women and teenagers in Nepal by a group managed by a wonderful colleague, Mr. Bev Hoffman. Bev's group, Human Rights Film Focus Nepal, has been our key book distributor for the last two years. With support from the U.N., the Didi Project, and others, they are presenting programs to many Nepali schools and plan to eventually reach many more. Many of you gave to the Didi Project money to help us pay for our first printing of 3,000 Bechiyeki books . Now we are having a second printing of the book made so that it will be available in local libraries and schools to be used to in conjunction with the film and workshops to help women realize that it is better for them and their families for girls to stay at home and in school. Educated young women are able to build good lives for themselves in freedom.

Please help us print more copies of Bechiyeki We know this wonderful book will be used wherever it is needed to help girls and young women learn about the dangers of sex trafficking.

Thank You!

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