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Community Education Training

The Didi project continues to support their partner, ETC, who hold workshops to teach village women to be Community Educators, so that they can teach their own neighbors and families how human trafficking steals the lives of their children and what they can do to stop it.

The book, Sold, translated by the Didi Project, has been read or listened to in these gatherings and has had a large influence on women as they talk about what girls face when they are trafficked into slavery. Many of these women are learning for the first time about their human rights, what gender equality is, and what kind of future their daughters can have if they attend school through the tenth grade.

These photos are from a three day Community Educators Workshop that we held in Kavre, Dhulikhel, to teach local women how to establish womens' groups in their area. At these group meetings our newly trained women leaders share information with their friends and neighbors about sexual trafficking, organ trafficking, human rights, and gender equality.